Is It True That Yogurt Cures Bacterial Vaginosis?

You probably already know that yogurt is good for your health. It’s great for keeping your intestinal bacterias healthy.

Yogurt is a cultured milk.

To create yogurt, yogurt makers first heat milk to just below boiling to kill any micro-organisms that may be living in the fluid.

Next they add Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Lactobacillus acidophilus to the milk and stir.

After several hours, the milk gets as thick as pudding. It’s then full of live active cultures.

If yogurt is good for your intestinal bacteria, is it also good for other organs that have normal flora such as the vagina?

The Process of Making Yogurt

Is It Possible That Yogurt Could Cure BV?

The answer is YES and YES!

Yogurt is such a simple remedy, and one that far surpasses the benefits offered by antibiotics.

The healthy bacteria found in yogurt is exactly the same healthy bacteria that is normally found in the vagina.

In bacterial vaginosis, there’s a deficiency of this healthy bacteria. On the other hand, in bacterial vaginosis, there is NOT a deficiency of antibiotics!

By replacing the bacteria in the vagina and getting the numbers of the bacteria up to where they should be, you can restore the flora, and do it naturally just with yogurt.

How to Use Yogurt to Cure Bacterial Vaginosis

To utilize this totally natural cure safely and effectively, start by purchasing 8 oz. plain, unflavored yogurt. The fruit flavored varieties won’t work.

The yogurt brand doesn’t matter as long as the yogurt contains live cultures.

The words, “Live and active cultures” will be written on the ingredient list on the label. The higher the number of live cultures, the better this cure will work.

Yogurt Packaging Label

This is true because you can never have too many healthy bacteria in the vaginal tract. If by chance, one billion extra organisms are introduced, they will die off shortly because there will not be enough food for them in the vagina.

That will leave exactly the right number that the vagina needs for good health.

After you obtain your yogurt, you can do one of three things with it:

1. Eat the Yogurt

You may be wondering why eating yogurt will be just as effective as the other two ways.

The answer is that when you eat yogurt, the cultured bacteria goes into your stomach and then colonizes your intestinal tract. 

However, bacteria are so small that some of them can escape the intestinal tract and get carried off to other parts of the body.

What is Lactobacillus Acidophilus

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If the tissue is friendly to the bacteria, meaning that the Lactobacillus bacteria usually colonizes that tissue, then some of the bacteria starts residing in the new tissues. Traveling through the blood, the Lactobacillus will eventually make it to the vagina.

Once the Lactobacillus gets to the vagina, then you’re on your way to the cure for bacterial vaginosis. The bacteria will reproduce, displacing the anaerobic bacteria whose numbers have reached high enough levels to cause a discharge, fishy smell, itching and pain.

When the Lactobacillus bacteria take over, your symptoms disappear, along with the bacterial vaginosis.

2. Soak A Tampon in Yogurt and Place it in Your Vagina

If you don’t like the taste of plain, unflavored yogurt, it’s not a big deal.

Simply soak a tampon in yogurt for about five to ten minutes and insert it into your vagina. Leave it in for about two hours or even overnight.

Remove the tampon.

You should notice that most of the symptoms are gone with one application. From time to time, repeat the process, just to stay healthy.

3. Fill Up A Vaginal Applicator with Yogurt and Insert it into Your Vagina

The third way to use yogurt is to insert a vaginal applicator full of plain yogurt into the vagina.

When you use this method, you’ll want to wear a panty shield, just to catch any yogurt that may fall out of the vagina due to gravity. Whether or not some of it stays in the vagina, this method will still work.

That’s because as long as some of the yogurt is absorbed by the vaginal tissues, the Lactobacillus bacteria will reproduce and the colonization process will have already begun.

Now that you know the cure, go get some yogurt!