Treat Bacterial Vaginosis With These 5 Home Remedies

Have you ever considered to use some home remedies that come from your own kitchen or are easily accessible at the health food store to treat bacterial vaginosis?

What do you have to lose other than bacterial vaginosis and all its miserable symptoms?

Here are five of the most commonly used and most successful home remedies for treating bacterial vaginosis.

1. A Tampon Soaked In Yogurt

For this home remedies, simply get out a cereal bowl from the kitchen cupboard.

  • Step 1: Spoon a tablespoon of plain unflavored yogurt into the bowl.
  • Step 2: Unwrap your tampon and place it on top of the yogurt. Don’t worry–you won’t be eating it!
  • Step 3: Add another tablespoon of yogurt on top of the tampon. 
  • Step 4:  With a spoon, cover the tampon in yogurt on all sides.
  • Step 5: Let it soak up the yogurt for about five minutes.
  • Step 6: Then insert the tampon into your vagina. 

Many people will notice a big difference in their bacterial vaginosis within 24 hours with the yogurt tampon home remedy.

Some women brag that it works in a few hours, eliminating the fishy odor and the itchiness.

Why Yogurt Works

Yogurt is rich in the bacteria species Lactobacillus.

Women with bacterial vaginosis have a vagina pH that is not where it should be, which allows the bacteria to grow and reproduce.

However, once the yogurt makes contact with the tissues of the reproductive tract, the pH is changed and the correct bacteria are introduced.

It will take awhile to colonize the entire reproductive tract so repeating the yogurt tampon home remedy may be essential to create the right environment so that pathogenic bacteria cannot grow.

2. Liquid Probiotic Acidophilus

Just as the yogurt tampon worked by changing the pH of the vaginal tract and reintroducing the proper microbial flora, it’s also possible to take that same microbial flora, consume it in liquid form, and make a significant impact on bacterial vaginosis.

To do this, buy the most potent probiotics at the health food store. It’s important to purchase a bottle that needs refrigeration.

Active cultures need refrigeration because heat kills them at a rapid rate.

Take a tablespoon or more two to three times a day. Many women find that this home remedy is actually just as effective as the yogurt tampon.

Why Lactobacillus Works

When Lactobacillus acidophilus and other Lactobacilli strains are introduced into the body through the intestinal tract, the entire gastrointestinal tract is colonized with the helpful bacteria.

The numbers of the helpful bacteria grow wildly and as a result, the intestinal tract becomes healthy.

The pH of the body starts to change and all systems – organs and tissues also benefit from the pH change.

The body is not exclusive and all organs and tissues change the microbial flora as Lactobacillus bacteria increase their numbers so much that the bacterial imbalance is re-balanced. As a result, vaginosis resolves.

3. Folic Acid Supplements

It’s easy to find 400 mcg folic acid supplements at the health food store. It’s easier yet to take one tablet three times a day for at least five days.

Why Folic Acid Works

No one knows exactly why this home remedy works.

Folic acid aids in the reproduction and division of cells; it’s possible that this vitamin creates a faster replication of healthy cells that outnumber those that may be diseased or contributing to the bacterial vaginosis.

4. Oatmeal Poultice

Take a tablespoon of oats, preferably ground finely and place it in a small bowl.

Add distilled water or pure water, enough to make a paste. Apply the paste to the vaginal area and the area surrounding it.

Wear a panty liner for the rest of the day.

Women have commented that this poultice relieves the itching associated with bacterial vaginosis.

Why Oatmeal Works

Oats have long been known to have anti-inflammatory properties for decades.

For example, oatmeal soap is used to relieve the itchiness of skin disorders. When inflammation is relieved, then healing can start.

5. Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar Added to The Bath

First disinfect your bathtub. Add one to two cups of unfiltered apple cider vinegar to warm bathwater. Sit in the bath for 20 minutes.

Then rinse yourself off thoroughly with a quick shower.

Why Apple Cider Works

Apple cider vinegar is a weak acid. 

Sitting in a bathtub of slightly acid bathwater creates the proper pH needed for the skin surrounding the vagina. This decreases the number of bacteria that contribute to improper flora in the reproductive tract.

Home remedies may be exactly what you are looking for and offer quick relief. All of them must be repeated over time to fully restore the pH and flora.

When you have bacterial vaginosis, life can be miserable. You don’t feel right, you are self-conscious about the smell emanating from your vagina, and you’re fed up with the itching.

You may fear that people are talking behind your back about the smell of it because you know that if you can smell it, so can others. Doctors’ treatments only seem to offer relief for a little while and then the misery starts up again.

You know you must do something different and confront this problem in a different way.

Why not start with solutions that other women have been using for at least a few decades, home remedies?