Why People Have Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis and What to Do About It

Having bacterial vaginosis is frustrating!

The fishy odor follows a woman everywhere she goes and she never feels clean. On top of that, she may have vaginal irritation and also a grayish discharge that keeps staining her panties.

The main reason why women get bacterial vaginosis is that their vaginal flora is out of balance. [Read More]


Beware! Bacterial Vaginosis Is Contagious (And How to Prevent It)

To answer this question, think of how infections are spread. Obviously, someone won’t be breathing it in, or will they? Well, if they are having oral sex with the vagina of a woman who has bacterial vaginosis, then it’s possible to be breathing it in–in high quantities through the mouth and nose. When this occurs, the person now has large amounts of the microbe in his or her mouth, throat and possibly nose. [Read More]

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What Is A Healthy Vaginal Flora And How to Have One

Just as there are good and bad bacteria found inside the intestinal tract, there are good and bad bacteria found inside the vagina. The good bacteria are bacteria that keep the tissues healthy and do not cause any type of disease. The bad bacteria are bacteria that can cause disease if their numbers increase. [Read More]


How to Have A Healthy Daily Diet That Keeps Bacterial Vaginosis Away

The best meal is Diet #3 filled with antioxidants from broccoli, carrots, and pomegranate juice. The yogurt as mentioned before has direct benefits for the vagina as long as it is plain, unflavored and full of live active cultures. Many people believe that beef throws off the pH of the body; however, grass-fed beef has a totally different fat composition than grain-fed beef. [Read More]


How Oral Sex Could Easily Cause Bacterial Vaginosis

When oral sex appeared on the social scene, it often became a way for some people to walk the fine line between what was wrong and what was right. If they didn’t have actual sexual intercourse with someone but instead engaged in oral sex, they could still maintain their innocence. [Read More]