What Are The Risks Involved If I Have Bacterial Vaginosis During Pregnancy?

May 3, 2010 Bernie 0

There are cases where the mother was having bacterial vaginosis while she was pregnant and it resulted in either premature birth or low birth weight for the baby and possibly urinary tract infection (UTI) after delivery. There are also some inconclusive studies that showed a link between bacterial vaginosis with second trimester miscarriage.

Can Bacterial Vaginosis Prevent Pregnancy?

October 5, 2009 Bernie 0

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the number of pregnant women that have bacterial vaginosis is 10-30%. When bacterial vaginosis occurs in a pregnant woman, it can potentially cause problems with the fetus. For example, a baby can be born pre-term or not grow as fast as it should in the uterus that is infected with organisms that cause bacterial vaginosis. There are countless cases where these babies are born with a low birth weight, which causes them to be at risk for many health problems in life.