Difference Between Vaginal Infection and Vaginal Bleeding

June 23, 2011 Bernie 0

While vaginal infection bleeding can potentially occur at any time during the infection cycle, most cases of vaginal infection bleeding are the result of direct contact with the affected area, which is why vaginal bleeding is so prevalent during and after sexual intercourse. The amount of bleeding women experience varies, and can range from mere spotting in the less serious cases, to a very heavy flow when the infection and irritation are more profound.

What Are The Health Complications of Bacterial Vaginosis?

May 4, 2010 Bernie 0

Usually bacterial vaginosis do not cause much health complications if it is identified and treated right from the beginning. There is a risk the woman might be vulnerable to other health complications due to bacterial vaginosis if it is left untreated for a prolonged time.

How Can I Get Bacterial Vaginosis?

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The main argument is that bacterial vaginosis occurs due to the imbalance of bacteria found in the vaginal flora. There are the good bacteria called Lactobacillus and bad bacteria called Anaerobes. Both these bacteria live in a perfect balance to form a healthy vaginal flora.

The Relationship Between PID and BV

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The pain is from all the inflammation that is occurring in the uterus, fallopian tubes, and/or ovaries. These are your female organs and if the inflammation progresses, it can lead to scar formation with adhesions.

How to Talk to Your Man About Your BV

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When you have bacterial vaginosis, it’s the bad odor that is truly upsetting. Because the odor comes from such a private part of your body, it’s embarrassing and limits what you want to do. You don’t want to go out in public because you’re afraid that someone will smell you. You don’t even want your man to know you have bacterial vaginosis!
You don’t want to hang around people at work in the break room for the same reason. And when it comes to the bedroom, you’re afraid of what your man will say when he notices the smell.

Is Bacterial Vaginosis A STD?

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Another misconception is that bacterial vaginosis is an actual infection. Non-health professionals can think of bacterial vaginosis as an infection; however, bacterial vaginosis is really just an imbalance of the vaginal flora.

The Hidden Dangers of Vaginal Infections

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Although many women use successful home remedies for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, what’s important is that you obtain at least a diagnosis! It doesn’t make sense to use home remedies for a supposed infection when in reality you have a completely different type of infection.