How Oral Sex Could Easily Cause Bacterial Vaginosis

Sexual intercourse has definite societal taboos placed on it.

Consider this:

  • If you have sex with a married person, it’s considered morally wrong by many people.
  • If you have sexual intercourse frequently as a young woman, some people think of you as a whore.

And of course, the taboo on prostitution goes back to the beginning of time.

When oral sex appeared on the social scene, it often became a way for some people to walk the fine line between what was wrong and what was right.

If they didn’t have actual sexual intercourse with someone but instead engaged in oral sex, they could still maintain their innocence.

Oral sex is becoming more and more common among teenagers.

It’s popular among those in the age range up to baby boomers. But the problem is that just because everyone is doing it, that doesn’t mean that oral sex has no health risks.

STI In Young People

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Health Risks of Oral Sex

Doctors are alarmed that the number of cancers of the throat, tonsils and mouth has increased in recent years. They believe that the cause is oral sex from those who have the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV.

Oral sex increases the chance to contract gonorrhea, herpes, HIV and Chlamydia. Oral sex can also contribute to the transmission of bacterial vaginosis, even though bacterial vaginosis is not a sexually transmitted disease.

How Oral Sex Contributes to Sexually Transmitted Diesease

Pre-ejaculate, semen and vaginal fluids teeming with anaerobic bacteria found in bacterial vaginosis can transfer these bacteria to another person via any open sores in the mouth.

Similarly, when a female has abnormal flora filled with anaerobic bacteria as in the case of bacterial vaginosis, then her vaginal secretions transfer the bacteria from her to the next person who may be either male or female.

Sex toys such as dildos can also transfer vaginal secretions to another person, such as between two women. Similarly, these sex toys can transfer vaginal secretions containing anaerobic bacteria contributing to bacterial vaginosis from woman to man.

The State of STD's in US

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Why Is Bacterial Vaginosis So Easily Transferred?

In bacterial vaginosis, the normal vaginal flora is disturbed and contains more anaerobic bacteria than what is normally found in normal flora. Because the pH is also disturbed, this makes the vaginal tract susceptible to contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Likewise, there are certain bacteria inside the mouth that can be transmitted to the vagina through oral sex. The primary bacteria in the mouth are Streptococci, Lactobacilli, and lactic acid bacteria.

The primary bacteria in the vagina are lactic acid bacteria. The lactic acid bacteria prevent disease by preventing the adhesion of the anaerobic bacteria to the epithelial cell walls of the vagina.

However, the vaginal flora also includes:

  • Coryne bacteria
  • E. coli
  • L​​​​actic acid bacteria
  • Staphylococci
  • Streptococci

When the lactic acid bacteria in the vagina are replaced by pathogenic bacteria from the genus Streptococci or other anaerobes, bacterial vaginosis can result.

Gardnerella species are another type of bacteria that can contribute to the problem.

Youth Risk Factors for STI

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What Happens If You Have Multiple Sex Partners

Let’s think about what happens when one couple, a man and a woman, begin having sexual intercourse with other partners.

Let's consider a hypothetical example.

We’ll start the cycle with Amanda who has bacterial vaginosis.

  • Alan has oral sex with Amanda and BV is trasmitted from Amanda to Alan via her vaginal fluids. 
  • After the oral sex, the Alan's saliva now has a higher number of bacteria in it, especially the ones that causes BV. To transfer an infection of any type, you need more pathogenic bacteria than normal bacteria or normal flora, or a large enough dose of a pathogenic bacteria.
  • Alan then french kiss Becky and by doing so, Alan sends the infectious organisms he got from Amanda to Becky's mouth. 
  • And by having oral sex with Becky, Alan also transfers the infectious organisms to her vagina.
  • If Becky now has sex with another man, Brett, his penis can pick up the anaerobic organisms and transfer them to others if he picks up enough anaerobic organisms.
  • Now Cecelia has oral sex with Brett's penis and she picks up the anaerobic organisms. When Brett kisses Cecelia deeply on the mouth and then has oral sex on her vagina, Cecelia also becomes infected.

The cycle continues; the disease spreads.

Can you now see how BV is spread through oral sex?

More diseases are spread by oral sex than many people realize. If you have bacterial vaginosis, don’t spread it to others!

Don’t engage in oral sex when you have BV, thinking that others are safe and won’t get it!

Source: LiveScience