How to Choose the Right Over the Counter Bacterial Vaginosis Medicine

If you call a pharmacy and ask about over the counter bacterial vaginosis medicines, you won’t get good news.

The pharmacist will reply that there are none; only prescription medications. This means there’s only one treatment, a medical one, and if you’re already frustrated with what happens with medical treatment, you’ll be forced to consider other options.

That’s where alternative medicine and enterprising companies enter into the picture and can provide you with answers.

To find successful solutions, you’ll have to do some reading about why women get bacterial vaginosis, what causes it, and why treatments work or don’t work. When it comes to health, education is always the primary first strategy that should be used. If you arm yourself with knowledge you can then make educated decisions about different products that may work well for bacterial vaginosis.

Main Components of Over The Counter Bacterial Vaginosis Medicines

With this disorder, you’ll find two main components that must be addressed:

  1. the pH of the vagina is not where it should be
  2. the bacterial flora of the vagina is also out of balance

Thus, any strategies you choose will be more successful if they address both of these two components of the disorder. Knowing these can also help you determine why those who gave testimonials on a product did not get good results. For example, if a remedy was used that only changed the pH but did not reintroduce new flora to the vagina, it could explain why it wasn’t 100% effective.

With this in mind, you can now examine a few medications found online for bacterial vaginosis.

1.    Lady Balance

Here’s what the website states:

LadyBalance® is a novel intimate care product based on a different philosophy with an insight into the world of microbiology. It is composed of natural lactose derived from cow’s milk. The product supports the resistance of the female body and thereby remedies most vaginal nuisances.

The mode of action for this new intimate care is that the defense mechanisms of the vagina are strengthened by administering a nutrient preferred by the beneficial lactic acid bacteria. The good bacteria utilize the nutrient to produce the necessary acid to overcome the odor-producing Gardnerella vaginalis and the unpleasant smell disappears.

LadyBalance is a vaginal tablet that gives quick relief. It can be used whenever you feel the need or desire. Just listen to the signals your body sends. Several thousands of women have tried the product with great satisfaction too.

Continuous use of LadyBalance is the most economic and permanent solution to fishy-smelling vaginal discharge.

Evaluation of this information : The information is sketchy and not written clearly. It is true that good bacteria may produce lactic acid and this would help balance the pH of the vaginal tract. However, this product appears to be specific for Gardnerella vaginalis, which is only one of the types of anaerobic bacteria that causes BV.

The problem is that there are many more that can be increased in BV.

2. Rephresh Gel

Rephresh gel supposedly quickly and easily maintains the normal pH of the vagina. It’s an over-the-counter gel that is colorless, odorless and used once every 3 days.

Evaluation of this information : It may help, however, because it doesn’t address the restoration of the flora with new cultures, it may only work partially.

3. Femigel 3% Tea Tree Oil Vaginal Moisturizer 3X5 ml

Femigel relieves vaginal dryness, itching, irritation and discomfort. It’s non-greasy and non-staining. The company also states it is safe to use with condoms. The product is used every three days, or twice daily if the person has a severe condition.

Evaluation of this product : Additional lubrication will help with dryness; there’s no doubt about that. Tea tree oil has known anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties without killing helpful flora. Tea tree oil is helpful for Candida infections as well, which can often coincide with bacterial vaginosis.

However, it is not specifically addressing the good bacteria. If this product was combined with acidophilus or a probiotic supplement, it could be much more effective.