The Dangers of Vaginal Sex Toys That You May Not Know

Scientific studies can be found about most topics that are imaginable but some topics seem to have escaped scientific scrutiny.

One of those topics that has escaped scrutiny is that of the safety of sex toys.

So if there aren’t any scientific studies, that means that it’s time to compile your own data and make your own decision.

There are two steps to this process:

  • Read up on it on the internet, or
  • Ask experts in the field

Asking your aunt won’t really help much unless she has been a top researcher in the field of plastics or sex toys.

Sex Toys : Taboo or Typical?

What Are Sex Toys Made of?

The first thing to consider about sex toy safety is similar to what is the first thing to consider about a child's toy safety:  What is the toy made out of?

Have you ever opened a new sex toy such as a dildo and found the smell of it offending or even nauseating?

That new dildo smell is actually the smell of phthalate plastic out-gassing.

This can be likened to a new car smell. The chemical smell in the car is the result of all the chemicals used in the production of the car.

The out-gassing process can also be likened to the smell of a home that was freshly painted in every room of the house. The smell can be quite overwhelming and even cause headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

For some people with environmental sensitivity, the out-gassing of the chemicals in new paint, a new car, or a new dildo is enough to physically make them ill.

If you feel queasy when you’re around newly painted homes, new carpeting, new cars, and new dildos, then it’s possible that you share environmental sensitivity with many others. To overcome it takes weeks or months of detoxification.

What Phthalates Does?

Did you catch the news reports on phthalates in 2007 through 2009?

They made headline news for several days. The phthalates found in plastic (toys, shower curtains, dog dishes, food packaging, Tupperware containers, vinyl flooring, wall coverings, detergents, hair spray, shampoo, nail polish, lubricants, and adhesives) were found to disrupt the endocrine system and cause liver cancer.

In men, phthalates were be linked with testicular atrophy (shriveling) and low sperm counts.

The problem was so serious that Congress passed legislation in 2008 to ban six phthalates from children’s toys and cosmetics. There was no legislation, though to ban the phthalates from sex toys.

Do Sex Toys Harm Your Body In Any Other Way?

The second thing to consider about sex toys is the possible mechanical damage that cause to the inside of the vagina.

If a tampon that just sits inside the vaginal tract is enough to cause micro-ulcerations, then what about a sex toy that is very hard and inserted over and over again?

  • Would this be enough to harm many of the vaginal cells?
  • Would the combination of the mechanical trauma plus the phthalates be enough to initiate cancer or at least abnormal cellular changes?

No one knows for sure but what we do know is that you must make the decision on your own.

Don’t let your partner make it for you; he may be long gone ten years from now when you are potentially facing cancer.

No Rules and Regulations Restricting Sex Toys in Any Way

The reality of sex toys is that they could contain radioactive material and no one would know it. The FDA has no guidelines or regulations on sex toys because they are sold as novelty items.

And you won’t see a telltale triangle with a number in it on a sex toy either as you would on a baby bottle.