Can Bacterial Vaginosis Prevent Pregnancy?

Did you know that if left untreated, the imbalance of flora in bacterial vaginosis can actually prevent pregnancy?

Bacterial vaginosis that is out of control can end up costing you your fallopian tubes by causing pelvic inflammatory disease.

It’s a human tragedy when this occurs.

The process by which this occurs is a three–step process:

  1. The bad bacteria that is increased in bacterial vaginosis such as Gardnerella or Staph or Streptococcus or other anaerobic bacteria multiply to high numbers.
  2. Looking for new tissues to colonize, the bacteria move upwards into the female reproductive tissues and can spread into the pelvic cavity. When they find a new place that hasn’t been colonized yet, they take over like terrorists, killing the good flora that is protecting these tissues.
  3. Next the microbes start to cause destruction of the tissues. If the fallopian tubes are damaged by the bacteria, the woman cannot get pregnant the usual way which occurs using the fallopian tubes. The problem, however, is that the tubes may be damaged for good and never recover, leaving the woman infertile. This is what is meant by the phrase that bacterial vaginosis doesn’t prevent pregnancy in a good way.
  4. If the microbes infiltrate the pelvic area, then it’s easy for them to cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID. An infection in the pelvic can damage any of the organs or tissues in that area.

Who would have thought that a simple imbalance of flora could become so harmful?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the number of pregnant women that have bacterial vaginosis is 10-30%.

When bacterial vaginosis occurs in a pregnant woman, it can potentially cause problems with the fetus.

For example, a baby can be born pre-term or not grow as fast as it should in the uterus that is infected with organisms that cause bacterial vaginosis.

There are countless cases where these babies are born with a low birth weight, which causes them to be at risk for many health problems in life.

A pregnant woman with bacterial vaginosis is also at a higher risk for miscarriages.

Protect Your Vaginal Flora

It’s important for every woman to protect her flora.

The easiest way to do this is to eat yogurt as part of your regular diet. Yogurt contains the bacteria called Lactobacillus which is the exact same bacteria that your vagina needs to maintain normal flora.

By eating the microbe, it gets distributed to the areas that need it most through the blood.

If you are lactose intolerant, you can still benefit from yogurt by soaking your tampon in yogurt for about five minutes, then inserting it into the vagina. This is a good way to reintroduce the helpful flora.

Another way is to insert a capsule of Probiotics with the Lactobacillus bacteria into the vagina.

These are measures that can be done on a regular monthly basis. They’re an excellent way to protect your flora from a natural alternative perspective.