Why Antibiotics Will Never Cure Bacterial Vaginosis

Women who take several rounds of antibiotics to treat bacterial vaginosis risk getting more difficult-to-treat secondary infections like urinary tract infections.

Today, people are loading tons of antibiotics into their systems, often with no benefit except to the manufacturers of antibiotics.

The end result is not pretty in terms of what we are doing to our collective immunity against the big diseases, which of course mutate more and more every day into super bugs.

World's Biggest Consumer of Antibiotics

Source: OECD

Do you really want to be part of this trend towards lowering humanity’s resistance to disease?

All of this over prescribing of antibiotics is leading to even more resistant bacterias.

Is there an alternative? – Yes!

The alternative is to wake up and realize that lifestyle and diet changes, not magic bullets are the key to getting off this treadmill of antibiotic intolerance.

In a very wide variety of complaints, doctors may prescribe antibiotics without a clear indication of a bug that is susceptible to antibiotics – just in case.

The problem is that sometimes there are no bacteria to kill, only a virus.

How Antibiotics Resistance Happens

Source: RQ Health

Antibiotics Simply Don't Work On Viruses – Only Bacteria

That is why it is so crucial for you to make sure that you are actually suffering from bacterial vaginosis and not infectious vaginosis which is caused by sexually transmitted viruses. 

Viruses simply will not respond to antibiotics and you will be lowering your resistance and immunity for no good reason.

Worse yet, people without proper medical training may push antibiotics or misguided persons may self-medicate with them. One really nasty habit is to never finish the initial round of antibiotics that was prescribed you.

The reason this is a disaster is because every time you do this you give the bug time to mutate and overcome the power of the antibiotic.

The prescribing antibiotics just in case approach to life is bringing super bugs and their damaging consequences closer to the fore. We are not far away from the day when a new strain of BV that is not treatable at all by existing antibiotics.

Antibiotics Resistance

Source: WHO

The result in the long run is a massive amount of the population developing life threatening infections that can’t be treated by antibiotics.

The overuse of antibiotics to treat bacterial vaginosis is in fact an excellent example of how allopathic medicine sometimes benefits from keeping us sick.

It works like this, the more attacks of bacterial vaginosis that you have, the more visits you will make to the doctor.

The doctor profits!

The more trips to the doctor you make the more antibiotics prescriptions he will write to treat your condition.

The pharmaceutical companies profit!

The more antibiotics that you take the more likely you are to require treatment for a yeast infection or urinary tract infection.

The pharmaceutical companies profit again!

These treatments are only a temporary quick fix for your problem and before you know it, your infection is back and you return to the doctor’s office where, the doctor profits again.

Inappropriate Use of Antibiotics

Source: CDC

The only person that does not profit from this situation is you.

You keep spending money for treatments that don’t work. All the time this medical treatment is not working, you are led to believe that it is somehow your fault and not the fault of the drugs or doctors.

The more money you give to your doctor and pharmaceutical companies for this, the more medical problems you’ll have.

Over the long term your immune system may become compromised and you will find yourself donating even more money to the pharmaceutical companies to treat the following conditions that are caused by the overuse of antibiotics:

  • Bad breath
  • Depletion of helpful intestinal Bacterial
  • Chronic Candida yeast overgrowth
  • Chronic urinary tract infections
  • A lowered resistance to viruses, fungus and bacteria

These physical problems are mostly the result of how antibiotics affect our intestinal bacteria, which in turn affects our ability to ingest nutrients, creates unfriendly Bacteria in our intestines and lowers our immune system.

So, think twice before using antibiotics to treat bacterial vaginosis!

Instead, consider having probiotics on a daily basis.